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If you wish to work in a really girly environment, then you're at the right place, as Cupcake Studio is cute and trendy in its every detail.

Gyonyoru Modellek

Gorgeous models

We proudly declare that our models are the best on a world scale.

Szuper Szinvonal

High standards

Only the best provided for our employees on every level.

Magas jovedelem

Outstanding income

You can make a lot of money. Only the sky is the limit.


As our model, we provide you a great many services, making your job and also your life effortless.

Given from the heart

We put some love into our projects, hence working with us is wonderful on the field of adult industry.

Have fun with us

Working with us is smart, because you receive the support of our team and we take care of you every day.


Reka Juhasz

Our caretaker who runs things smoothly.


Flora Tollai

Explorer of the prettiest models.

model Scout

We are here:

Studio Cupcake

Budapest downtown
1 minute walk from Octogon
Cell: +36705244317

Model application form: Fill it out, then attach a pic and our colleague will contact you soon.

Shall we answer your questions?

You obviously have further questions about camming and adult industry.
We gladly answer them via phone:
+36 70 524 - 43 17
or email:

Keep in mind: